INCOR has recently provided some assistance for a mission in South India. This caring ministry includes food assistance to widows and an orphanage with nearly fifty children aged 5-13. The mission has been operating for about ten years and is sponsored by two Christian churches whose members themselves are living in poverty. It had some "outside" support, without which they are unable to feed and clothe the children, but those donors have been unable to continue. INCOR paid off some debt which had been incurred, provided a little compensation for some staff who have served without income for quite awhile, and gave enough to help a little each month for the succeeding year.These children are typical of an estimated 1.5 million Indian children living on the streets, with no contact with parents and no subsistence except through begging. Unable to care for their children, it is known that parents sometimes put their kids on a train and then fail to board the train themselves, leading to abandonment and permanent separation.The children shown here are in school, are learning of God's love for them, and are now being adequately fed and clothed (unlike their needs before INCOR intervened). Two INCOR Board members visited to assess the circumstances, traveling solely at their own expense, and returned quite dedicated to finding a way to continuing assistance for such a worthy, needy ministry.

INCOR Project in South India