By partnering with local churches, Christian schools, and indigenous missions, INCOR supports professional healthcare in a number of countries and has funded construction of medical clinics in two countries. Photos show medical professionals providing services in India, Bangladesh, Laos, and Philippines.     

Photos show persons in developing countries suffering from untreated or poorly treated infections and injuries, suffering the results of nutritional deficiencies, over-crowded housing, lack of clean drinking water, lack of proper hygiene, contamination from pollution and lack of sanitation, and the absence of childhood immunizations. 


Many of the countries in which INCOR operates have populations with life expectancies far below the average in developed countries, lower even than global averages. Disabilities are also common and are especially limiting in countries where there are no safety nets for the disabled. These countries have no workers compensation, disability insurance or hospitalization coverage. A disabled person living in a developing country will likely suffer long-term unemployment and be unable to find a meaningful job. This results in a life of extreme poverty.   

Medical Missions