INCOR is supporting Christian schools in certain countries where Christians are prevented from sending their children to "public" schools, or where there is a systematic bias against providing education for girls or for those in poverty. This has proven to be quite successful, and thousand of children have become literate in these schools while also learning the Good News of God's love for them. 

Recently these INCOR supported schools celebrated year end graduation. The quality of education is so high that many non-Christian families request admission for their children because the educational outcomes far exceed that of the government or religious (madrasa) schools. 

This young lady is now a teacher, back in the school where she first attended as a very young child. She is serving God by teaching children from the very same streets, slums, and dump areas where she grew up. 

Impoverished children like her would remain trapped in poverty and illiteracy without the intervention and ongoing ministry of this organization. 

One of those schools is "H School" to which children are brought on a daily basis for education and nutritional meals. These children live in slums or on the street. One such child began as a student at the school as a young toddler. From there she was taken in at a hostel provided by the same ministry. She studied from nursery school through Class 6. From there she moved to a hostel for older girls where she completed middle school and then high school. During all these years she was cared for by an INCOR-partner ministry. 

Education Projects