During times of disaster INCOR is able to effectively channel relief through a
network of proven, indigenous, Christian ministries, thus multiplying the benefit to those suffering, like in the devastating cyclone in Myanmar several years ago, and other earthquakes and floods in poverty-stricken countries.

Beginning in Philippines with feeding programs, medical outreach, Bible college support, solar radio evangelism and relief for victims of volcano, typhoon, and earthquake damage, INCOR now sponsors projects providing medical care, disaster relief efforts, and educational opportunity in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and North America. Although INCOR works in many areas, this brochure highlights only those INCOR projects and ministries in the Southeast and Southern Asia areas, in the strategic “10/40 window.”
Some “disaster” situations are short-term, like the ones where INCOR has helped in hurricanes in Latin America, volcano in Philippines, cyclone in Burma and flooding in Pakistan. Others are longer in duration, such as the refugee situation on the Thai-Burma border where minority tribals have been forced to flee Myanmar to avoid the ruthless genocide of a renegade military junta. There the refugees subsist in a constant state of need and uncertainty. INCOR has been providing aid to the Karen people for about a decade, some (more than 100,000) in camps on the Thai side of the border. Supplies have included food, medicine, blankets, tarps, wood-burning cooking stoves, clothing, Bibles and hymnals, and personal hygiene items. Also, in Uganda the condition of prisons can only be described as “disaster.” INCOR has funded sanitary facilities, evangelism, and medical care.

Disaster Relief Projects