Among the many needs in countries where Christians are systematically marginalized is a means for subsistence when education and jobs are denied and even residence location is dictated by the entrenched anti-Christian hierarchy. Widows have a particularly difficult circumstance where there is no social safety net for the desperately needy. In such countries, INCOR has been able to partner with local Christian organizations in providing sewing machines for sewing classes where women can learn that trade, and sewing centers where they sometimes attain gainful employment. 

There is a time to give a person a fish and there is a time to teach them how to fish. INCOR invests in long term relief through community development. While this may initially include feeding programs, medical care, and education, the goal is sustainability by empowering locals to care for themselves. One such ministry in India is the Sisterhood Network, which teaches women basic marketable skills that can earn a living way in their village. The Network supplies the vocational training, the needed encouragement and accountability, and the marketing to provide an income that can raise women and their families out of the mire of desperate poverty.   

Community Development